Brian Tome is the founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church, 2017's fastest-growing church in America. Brian has authored four books including his best-seller, The Five Marks of a Man. He also hosts The Aggressive Life podcast. As an entrepreneur, Brian has opened several other non-profits and started Man Camp, a primitive weekend camping experience that has helped tens of thousands of men reclaim the code of manhood. An avid adventure motorcyclist, Brian rides tens of thousands of miles and camps more than 30 nights a year. Brian has also released an adventure ride TV show called Phantom Lake, available on Amazon Prime. He is married with three children and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Here are some choices I've made that define my character.

  • Married to my wife for over 30 years
  • Father to three kids and grandfather to one
  • Founder and leader of Crossroads, the third largest and fastest-growing church in the country (Outreach, 2017)
  • Opened CityLink Center, a non-profit that helps people break out of generational poverty
  • Opened the largest privately-funded AIDS hospice in South Africa
  • Started OCEAN, the first faith-based business accelerator
  • Miami University Entrepreneurs Advisory Board
  • Award-winning custom motorcycle builder
  • Entrepreneur
  • Author

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