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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

An Exorcist Answers Your Questions about Ghosts, Possession Movies, and Halloween with Fr. Vincent Lampert—Exorcist

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The Aggressive Life’s favorite exorcist is back to answer questions you submitted via Instagram. He covers everything from ghosts, to Halloween, to what he thinks about possession movies, and everything in between. Despite his heavy job—this man does cast out demons as part of his workweek—Father Lampert is a light, joyful, and smiling presence. He is contagious, in the best way possible, and his answers are thorough, helpful, and even surprising. He is a good man aggressively going after God, and this episode will push you forward.

Check out Brian’s first conversation with Fr. Lampert, “Standing Up to the Devil,” at the following links: Apple, Spotify, Briantome.com

Hosted by Brian Tome

Oct 10, 2023 1 hr 33 sec