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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Bonus: MAN CAMP Worship—Live Under the Big Tent 2023

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Today, nearly 3,000 guys are wrapping up a weekend off-the-grid. They camped. They worked. They laughed. They shared their lives. And they sang at the top of their lungs. While we don’t think of men singing, this is something warriors have done for all of history—huddled together, singing songs, before going into battle. As the men of MAN CAMP 2023 head back to their normal lives, they’re going with these songs in their hearts and in their minds.

There is nothing like worship with 3,000 of your brothers. If you attended MAN CAMP this year, let these worship songs steel you for the battles ahead. If you want a taste of MAN CAMP, this is a great place to start.

Find out more at mancamp.us or on Instagram @mancamp.us

Hosted by Brian Tome

Oct 22, 2023 27 mins 32 sec