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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Faithfulness Isn’t Learning, It’s Doing with Bo White—Air Force Pararescue, Army Special Operations

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There’s nothing average about being an Air Force Pararescueman or an Army Special Operations soldier… and Bo White has been both. After a career spent in the military, he took an early exit as he began to see cracks forming in his foundation, especially at home with his wife. While you might take the soldier off the field, you’ll never strip him of his skills and abilities. Bo has committed his life to helping and blessing others—be it leading his family through the pain of a childhood cancer diagnosis, to starting a winery in northern Michigan with his wife, to going into Ukraine for rescue missions, as a civilian. Bo is an aggressive man who knows the key to faithfulness is movement.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Sep 26, 2023 51 mins 30 sec