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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Five Marks Summer - The Vision of Fathers and Sons with Jake Tome—Brian’s Son

This episode

Join Brian, and his son, Jake, together in his garage for a candid conversation about growing up, the looming shadow of a father, and what it takes for a son to exceed his old man. Over a few beers, Brian and Jake tell adventure stories, get transparent about their separate visions for life, and laugh a lot.

This is the first episode in an 5-part series called Five Marks Summer, celebrating the repackaged publication of Brian’s best-selling book, The Five Marks of a Man. Pre-order the newest edition, or the companion Tactical Guide, at briantome.com/fivemarks and get a complimentary poster with each purchase.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Aug 1, 2023 1 hr 26 mins 55 sec