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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Framing Up Fatherhood with Roland Warren—Care Net, National Fatherhood Initiative

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Roland Warren isn’t afraid to take a minority position. His own life touched by an absent father, Roland served over a decade as the CEO of the National Fatherhood Initiative, where he worked tirelessly to equip fathers to be change-makers in their homes. While a student athlete at Princeton, Roland and his girlfriend were encouraged to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. Their decision to keep their child began his journey toward Care Net, where he now serves as the CEO of a network of over 1,200 pregnancy centers across the nation offering alternatives to abortion. Roland’s expertise and wisdom on fatherhood, influence, and what it means to value life is challenging and aggressive.

Hosted by Brian Tome

May 23, 2023 1 hr 23 mins 27 sec