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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Selling Everything to Travel the World (with Kids) with Bradey and Heather Jobson—Raising Voyagers, YouTubers

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A lot of people have dreams of traveling the world—Bradey and Heather actually made them reality. Quitting their jobs, and selling everything they owned, the Jobsons hit the road with their two young daughters. They’ve visited 40+ countries and had once in a lifetime experiences: from sleeping in treehouses in Costa Rica to exploring rural Turkey. Documenting their adventures on Youtube under the named Raising Voyagers, they’ve amassed 9 million views (and counting). Their new adventure: renovating a 200 year old stone house at the foot of the Italian Alps. They’re aggressive parents, seeing amazing things because they’re willing to move.

Follow their travels via their YouTube channel

Hosted by Brian Tome

Mar 7, 2023 1 hr 4 mins 24 sec