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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Stories from MAN CAMP 2023

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Over the weekend, 2,700 men from all over the United States, and multiple international countries, descended on 400 acres near the Ohio River for MAN CAMP 2023. They laughed around campfires, drank some 80 kegs of beer, and pushed themselves past their spiritual, emotional, and physical comfort zones. And they came out different.

These are some of their stories.

Inside a decommissioned outhouse, speaking into an old military field telephone, man after man spoke of heartache, learning to seek God, and finding redemption. From tales of past traumas, to new life breathed into marriages, to learning the importance of friendships, these stories are what MAN CAMP is all about.

If you need a reason to hope, to believe that God still moves in the lives of men, this is it. Step into the outhouse with us, and find your life changed in the process.

Find out more about MAN CAMP, and get early bird tickets for next year’s event, at mancamp.us

Hosted by Brian Tome

Oct 24, 2023 31 mins 18 sec