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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Taming a Wild Horse in 60 Minutes with Todd Pierce—Horse Whisperer, Cowboy

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Todd Pierce is a legit horse whisperer. He routinely gets into the round pen with a wild horse, one he’s never laid eyes on before, and will be riding it in less than an hour. His secret? Kindness and authority. He never hurts horses, punishes them, or takes a heavy hand. Instead, he shows them that he can be trusted, that he is good, and that he can offer the horse more than it currently has. Todd is an unbelievably aggressive man whose life is spilling over with wisdom that just might change your life.

Todd will be training wild horses in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 2nd-5th. Find more information about in-person experiences and live streams at www.crossroads.net/born-wild

Hosted by Brian Tome

Apr 30, 2024 53 mins 48 sec