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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

The Apex Predator with Robb Wiley—Wild Game Hunter

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Over a year ago, I went out to the western high country to make my second attempt at getting an elk. My new friend, Robb, joined me. Along the way, we had insightful conversations about hunting, family, faith, and the healthy aggression that pushes each one of those things forward. After the hunt, holed up in a hunting lodge with a fire raging behind us, we turned on a pair of smartphones and recorded an unplanned podcast. Just like I did, I think you’ll find Robb’s wisdom, aggression, and attitude both refreshing and challenging.

My elk hunt was turned into a 3-episode mini-series on YouTube, The High Country Hunt. All episodes are streaming here.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Jan 18, 2022 50 mins 55 sec