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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

The Five Marks of a Man - Live in Cincinnati (2022)

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There are 15 year-old men and 45 year-old boys. What separates the two isn’t age, but the five marks—five things that all men do, and all boys avoid. Recorded live in front of a packed house of athletes and their coaches, Brian shares these marks, as well as new perspectives on how they apply in the life of every man.

Have a young man in your orbit? Listen to this episode together, then use the discussion questions below to dig deeper.

The Five Marks of a Man: (1) Men have a vision. (2) Men take a minority position. (3) Men are team players. (4) Men work. (5) Men are protectors.

Discussion questions:

  1. Men bring value to their teams. What teams are you a part of (sports, family, work, friends) and what value are you bringing to them? Are they better because you’re a part of the team?
  2. Which mark do you feel strongest in?
  3. Encourage each other: which mark do you see on display in the other person?
  4. Which mark do you feel weakest in? What can you do about that this week?
  5. Who is someone you know that is strong in the mark you feel weakest in? What can you learn from observing them? Could you set up time with them soon to pick their brain about it?
  6. What’s the most surprising thing you heard?
  7. Men are active. What challenge or insight from this talk can you put into action this week? Name it, then go do it.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Jul 5, 2022 46 mins 36 sec