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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

The Road to MAN CAMP with 512 & Windex—MAN CAMP Cofounders

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In just three days, men from all over the country (and world) will begin trickling onto 400 acres in the small town of Neville, Ohio. It’s our 14th, and biggest, MAN CAMP. Nearly 3,000 men will spend the weekend off the grid getting built into spiritually, developing friendships, and having fun. It’s one of the defining weekends of the year, but how did we get here? Alongside his friends, 512 (Judd Watkins) and Windex (Craig Dockery), Brian relives the history of MAN CAMP, and why it matters more now than it ever has.

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Hosted by Brian Tome

Oct 17, 2023 49 mins 17 sec