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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

Traveling the World on the Backs of Friends with Kevan Chandler—Adventurer, Entrepreneur

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Kevan Chandler was born with a rare neuromuscular disease, making him dependent upon others for all of his physical needs—movement, food, even going to the bathroom. No one could blame him for living life from a place of self-pity, anger, or disappointment, but that’s not Kevan. Through sacrifice and vulnerability, he’s built a band of friends who are more like brothers. When Kevan had the idea to travel to Europe, his band of brothers responded—six friends covered three countries, taking turns carrying Kevan on their back as they meandered through Paris, hiked the English countryside, and scaled an Irish island. Even with his unique challenges, Kevan is committed to living an aggressive life. His attitude and approach is refreshing.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Dec 5, 2023 52 mins 22 sec