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The Aggressive Life with Brian Tome

We’re Overdue for a Spiritual Awakening, So How Do We Get There? With Dr. Michael McClymond—Historian and Professor, Saint-Louis University

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According to the foremost expert on the topic, spiritual revivals and awakenings happen about every 50 years in American history. We’re long past the overdue mark.

For whatever time he has left, Brian is focused on learning about, and doing everything he can, to be part of an awakening, a movement of God that makes history. Dr. Michael McClymond has written the definitive guide to every revival and awakening in American history—a two volume set that is over 1,200 pages long. Dr. McClymond brings his expertise into an aggressive conversation on what it takes to be part of spiritual history.

Hosted by Brian Tome

Jun 4, 2024 1 hr 1 min 48 sec