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Brian will be the first to say that he was still a boy well into his 20’s, and not proud of it. When his son was born, Brian knew he needed to figure out how to raise a man, and after studying all the men he respected, the five marks emerged. In this message, which is also a best-selling book, Brian challenges men who find themselves at a pressure point physically, emotionally, or spiritually, to rise to the level of manhood God intended. One that is defined by strength, purpose, and a code of honor. Brian’s calling and passion for coaching men is on full display in this talk which weaves together powerful illustrations to spark men to take ownership of their spiritual lives.

No matter who you are, you were born for adventure. Regardless of the mundane, day-to-day existence you may be living, an adventurous life is not only possible, but something that God wants to give you. So, how do we get there? How can we live in the tension between Godly contentment and an equally-Godly desire for more? The truth is, the adventure begins when we go off script and give God control of our lives. In this signature keynote, Brian paints a motivating picture of the life God wants for each of us and shares the two steps we can all take today to begin living the adventurous life.

We live in a world where aggressive is one of the few dirty words left. Our culture celebrates the crass and profane, while risk and difficulty are a sign that something is wrong. Passivity is killing us and there is a better way— by embracing the power of healthy aggression. Nothing great can happen in your life unless the grace of God intermingles with your aggression. This is a talk for people who recognize that they have one life to lead and want to make it count. Let Brian challenge you to take ownership of your life, not just by learning more facts about God, but by moving in the direction He wants you to go.

Life is an accumulation of choices that form character. The weighter our character, the weightier the mark we will leave on the world. Hold together a marriage for decades, raise some kids who actually like you, add value to people in business, live through crises with integrity, take punches and get back up. The influence you can have through your choices is significant. In this keynote, Brian shares his unique leadership philosophy to help you maximize your own influence and create a life worth following.

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Brian is available for in-person and virtual speaking engagements. The high production value and innovative style in which Brian delivers both live and virtual messages has garnered an incredible response from previous events.

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